Liaison Officer (Radnyk) on IDPs is a long-term project on providing systematic assistance to state bodies and NGOs on addressing social consequences of the conflict in Donbas and the occupation of Crimea. Radnyk on IDPs program is primarily a network of liaison officers who provide consultational, organizational, and other kinds of assistance to social security agencies and other governmental and non-governmental institutions locally and on the state level. Our radnyks work in the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, and in the Verkhovna Rada. Since 2015, when the program started operating, 25 radnyks provide over 1,000 services a month on regional and central levels. These are primarily consultations for public officials and citizens, clarification of legislation, analysis and monitoring of current norms and procedures.


“We seek to develop government institutions as resilient, accountable and fair. We support peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts as a basis for long-term stability of governance, societal trust in the integrity of government bodies, and sustainable development. Our organisation will transform social safeguard programs provided by the Ukrainian government, ensuring resilience and accountability by providing for the engagement and empowerment of all Ukraine citizens”, – Dermot Hamilton, Ukraine Program Director, SSS.


Radnyk on IDPs program is implemented by Stabilization Support Services NGO with the financial support of the UK Embassy as part of the project Addressing Social Consequences of the Conflict in Donbas and Illegal Annexation of Crimea with the Help of Government Institutions of Ukraine and Civil Society Organisations project. The activities of Stabilization Support Services in Ukraine support the effort of governmental and non-governmental institutions on peacebuilding and reconciliation as a basis for long-term stability, trust in the society, and sustainable development. Stabilization Support Services transforms social security programs that are implemented by the Ukrainian government ensuring the involvement and empowerment of all citizens of Ukraine. Thanks to the program, we were able to decrease the period of reaction to appeals from citizens who were affected by the conflict by the Ministry of Social Policy from six months to several days. In five cities of Ukraine, medical insurance for IDP children was introduced. Informational and awareness-raising campaigns in the media helped decrease negative attitude towards IDPs. Over 600,000 citizens of Ukraine have received necessary assistance thanks to the program. And the work continues.