Political Neutrality policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the requirements that underpin the political neutrality requirements for the Сharitable Organization Charity Foundation “Stabilization Support Services”, the Liaison Officer (RADNYK) Programme, their employees and contractors.

General principles:

  • preventing the influence of political views on the actions and decisions of the Organization representatives, as well as refraining from showing their attitude toward political parties, demonstrating their own political views during the performance of official duties or providing services for the Organization or on its behalf.
  • Enable the Organization to operate freely and effectively as it is specified in the Organization Charter;
  • Ensure equal access to the Organization products and services, regardless of the beneficiaries’ political views;
  • Mitigate the risks of using relations with the Organization by any political candidates, parties, political groups or factions aiming at political PR;
  • Mitigate the risks of political pressure on employees and contractors of the Organization.

This policy is not limited. It only defines behavioral and activity basics to mitigate the risks of political bias.

All individual cases shall be considered by the Organization management taking into account all facts and circumstances.

The concept of political neutrality requires all Organization employees and contractors to refrain from any public political activity during their cooperation with the Organization.

Examples of activities that can be regarded as contradicting political neutrality and can not be combined with cooperation with the Organization are as follows:

  • Participation in election campaigns of political parties or candidates at elections at all levels stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation (for example, distribution of statements in mass media, distribution of printed propaganda materials, posts in social networks and online media in support of a particular political party or individual candidate on the behalf of the Organization);
  • Nomination yourself as a candidate at all levels;
  • Active public support or vice versa – aggressive regular attacks on a particular political party or individual candidate (including attending political rallies with further coverage in social networks, writing columns (blogs) in the mass media or posts in personal blogs, other public expressions of political views);
  • Publication of social media information that identifies the author as an Organization representative or contractor, and at the same time contains public statements that can be considered as the support of a particular political party or candidate;
  • Activities that can be considered as public political support or opposition to a particular political party or candidate, such as regular public appearances or associations with a particular political party or candidate.

In case you have any information that contradicts the policy, please send it to _________ (e-mail) for consideration by the Organization management.

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