Statement of political neutrality

The Charitable Organization Charity Foundation “Stabilization Support Services” and the Liaison Officer (RADNYK) Programme (hereinafter – Organization) emphasize their political neutrality.

Organization, its bodies, and staff shall comply with political neutrality in words and in actions by declaring political independence and complying with it in daily work.

Employees, representatives, members and contractors shall be independent of any political influence while performing the tasks charged by the Organization and / or tasks in its interests.

Members of the Organization and its contractors are not recommended to be a member of political parties. If an employee is in the party at the time of his appointment to the position in the Organization, the employee is advised to suspend his membership for the period of its cooperation with the Organization.

The employees and contractors of the Organization, regardless of their own political views, shall perform their duties and / or provide services according to the legislation and complying with the norms of the Organization Code of Ethics.

In case employees or contractors of the Organization provide consultations or services (for example, clarification, participation in seminars or trainings), they shall ensure that such services are politically neutral.

By designating the importance of elections for democratic processes in Ukraine, as well as guaranteeing freedom of opinion and beliefs for our employees, executors, and contractors, the Organization support or plan to support neither any single candidate, nor any single political party or at-large candidates.

Cooperation with the members of the Parliament of Ukraine, regional and city councils, state officials, and local self-governance employees shall be conducted openly and transparently on an equal basis, and is not a support of their political aspirations or projects.

The employees and contractors of the Organization are not involved in political activities and shall comply with political neutrality while performing their duties within their cooperation with the Organization and while representing the Organization.

The Organization cooperates with a wide range of actors, employees, members of parliaments, activists, decision-makers, and experts, who share the values ​​and aspirations enshrined in the Organization constituent documents and policies, regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation with political forces operating under Ukrainian legislation, as well as are not compromised by actions that violate Ukrainian legislation, international legislation or Canadian legislation, and do not have proven links with organizations designated as terrorist in Ukraine, the European Union, the USA or Canada.

In case you have any information that contradicts the policy, please send it to _________ (e-mail) for consideration by the Organization management.

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