Why subsidies have been constantly denied to IDPs

Experts of the Liaison Officer (RADNYK) Programme collected the most common reasons why housing subsidies have been denied to internally displaced persons.  

“One should understand that IDPs are those who were forced to leave their homes. Moreover,  they do not feel the support needed from the government, and they are constantly forced to deal with various administrative procedures and bureaucracy. Sometimes it looks like mockery. Unfortunately”, – Iryna Loiuk, lawyer of the Liaison Officer (RADNYK) Programme.

The Programme experts collected information about the problems IDPs face when registering subsidies. For instance, residents of the compact settlements for IDPs in Zaporizhzhya cannot receive subsidies, because modular buildings are not residential premises and thus are not subject to standards of the Resolution No. 848 On simplification of procedure for granting subsidies for reimbursement for housing and communal services, purchase of liquefied gas, solid and liquid stove fuel.

There are also applications concerning denial to grant subsidies because of the lack of official income. We do not intend to protect envelopes payments, since this is illegal, but we recognize that such cases exist in Ukraine, and thus they should be taken into account.

The subsidies are also denied in other cases. For example, a woman from the Donetsk oblast was denied to grant a subsidy because of low income. Although, she is registered at the employment centre and receives unemployment benefits in the amount of 544.00 UAH.

The state must take into account the fact that it is much more difficult for IDPs to find a job and housing right after they have displaced. Being hostages of circumstances, people are trying to find a way out, but instead are confronted with numerous restrictions created by the state.

“It is worth considering the possibility to make an exception for this category of population, particularly regarding the minimum salaries and SSC requirements, at least for a certain period of displacing to a new place of residence”, – suggested Iryna Loiuk to the participants of the working meeting on the allocation of housing subsidies organized by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on social policy, employment and pension provision.

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