Our Projects

Events and projects that are part of Liaison Officer (RADNYK) Programme are aimed at achieving the following key goals:

  • mobilize the resources of governmental and non-governmental sector for social adaptation and integration of IDPs.
  • spread and implement best practices of integration of IDPs into local communities.
  • provide expert support for the reform of the social security system and creation of the system of reintegration of population affected by the conflict.
  • create a conflict- and gender-sensitive information space for IDPs and affected population, and counter stereotypes against IDPs in the media.

Cooperation with partners including both governmental and non-governmental organizations takes place in one of the four main areas, namely:

  • educational support (organizing workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns).
  • advocacy support (supporting necessary legislative and procedural changes in the way state bodies operate).
  • normative support (writing draft laws, resolutions, instructions etc.).
  • media support (organizing press conferences, briefings, media campaigns).

In addition to Radnyk, Stabilization Support Services has the following projects that were implemented in various time on the territory of Ukraine in its portfolio.